Say Hello to m-Kiongozi Mobile App

The smarter, simpler way to digitize your campaigns to the grassroots level.

m-Kiongozi gives you the tools you need to easily manage your campaign including agents, mobilizers, supporters, contacts, campaign SMS, Social Media handles and reports all from your smartphone.

It protects you against political brokers out to fleece you; making you concentrate on your core team and core campaign tasks without loosing real-time insight on what’s happening on the ground.

m-Kiongozi helps candidates save up to 70% on communication costs by utilizing mobile resources in ways never before imagined.

In Stores from – June 20, 2017.

By Candidates For Candidates

Running campaigns in Kenya is not easy. There are a lot of challenges that can be fixed using novel mobile applications. We thought we would let the candidates build a solution around their challenges. And we translated those solutions to m-Kiongozi App.

m-Kiongozi is being built by candidates who:

  • Want more accountability in their team especially with Mobilizers and political brokers
  • Want to know in real time what is happening on the ground in real-time. Not just one ground, but all the ground.
  • Want to know who is in their team, who brought who and who is bringing in votes. Again, in real-time
  • Want to utilize team wide pulled mobile resources to cut communications costs by up to 70%
  • Want to digitize voter contact harvesting and get real-time supporter number from the ground forces
  • Want to communicate via SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Email all from one point.

Your Campaigns In Your Hands

Do not let your campaigns get out of your hands

Supporters Management

All your supporters data in your hands. Manage supporter groups, telephone and email contacts, voting information and profiles.

Team Management

Your team in your hands. Manage agents, mobilizers, volunteers from your phone. Create and Assign tasks to team and measure team performances in real-time. Award badges and points for completed tasks.

Campaign Managemnt

Your campaign data in your hands. Manage campaign tasks reports, campaign zones/fields, supporters and action reports in real time.

Communication Tools

Write once and post to SMS, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter in one click. Manage all your communications from one point in your phone.

Mobilization Tools

Do not give out books for contacts harvesting. Let your team use m-Kiongozi to add new contacts and get them in the contact list of your device on the fly! Plus, record who brought who and verify contacts!

Shared Mobile Resources

Network your team mobile devices and utilize the pulled resource to go viral and lower your cost of communication by up-to 70%.

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m-Kiongozi comes with intuitive User Experience coupled with unparalleled Use Interface

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